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// November 14th, 2012 // Hacking and Security


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Owners of rooted Android based devices have a new network and penetration analysis tool that they can carry with them while on the road.  dSploit is a comprehensive toolset that can perform a number of advanced network analysis and pentests.  dSploit allows you to analyze, capture, and manipulate network packets. You can scan networks for connected devices like other smartphones, laptops, & identify the operating system, running services and open ports on each device. Once open ports are known, you can go further by checking open ports for vulnerabilities.

dSploit requires a rooted Android phone running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later. The device must have the full suite of BusyBox installed.

Available functionality in dSploit :

WiFi Cracking: The WiFi scanner will show in green access points with known default key generation algorithms, clicking on them allows you to easily crack the key
Trace: Perform a traceroute on target.
Port Scanner: A syn port scanner to find quickly open ports on a single target.
Inspector: Performs target operating system and services deep detection, slower than syn port scanner but more accurate.
Vulnerability Finder: Search for known vulnerabilities for target running services upon National Vulnerability Database.
Login Cracker: A very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services.
Packet Forger: Craft and send a custom TCP or UDP packet to the target, such as Wake On LAN packets.
MITM (man in the middle): A set of man-in-the-midtle tools to command&conquer the whole network.
Simple Sniff: Redirect target’s traffic through this device and show some stats while dumping it to a pcap file.
Password Sniffer: Sniff passwords of many protocols such as http, ftp, imap, imaps, irc, msn, etc from the target.
Session Hijacker: Listen for cookies on the network and hijack sessions.
Kill Connections: Kill connections preventing the target to reach any website or server.
Redirect: Redirect all the http traffic to another adtress.
Replace Images: Replace all images on webpages with the specified one.
Replace Videos: Replace all youtube videos on webpages with the specified one.
Script Injection: Inject a javascript in every visited webpage.
Custom Filter: Replace custom text on webpages with the specified one.

You can download dSploit from Github or visit the official dSploit website.


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