Geek builds 4-arm robotic drummer with mohawk haircut

// September 12th, 2012 // Technology


Crazy robot drummer with four arms

A Geek with a sense of humor has built a four-arm robotic drummer, complete with mohawk haircut, that he named “Stickboy”.  Stickboy was built in 2007 in Berlin, Germany and can play everything from The Bananna Splits theme song to Black Sabbath’s Iron Man.  Inventor Frank Barns from Robocross, built the robot with four arms and two legs powered by compressed air and equipped him with a 14-piece Pearl drum kit.  He was built back in 2007 but is just now garnering attention from the public.  Rhythm: 6  Engineering: 9  Style: 10

Watch the videos below for a truly remarkable performance.





Geek wear at Ivy and Pearl Boutique

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