House burns to ground after children try to torch Halloween costume in recreation of Wizard of Oz scene

// October 22nd, 2012 // Moves, TV, and Music News


imageAccording to BBC UK, a house burnt to the ground yesterday after five children attempted to recreate a scene from the Wizard of Oz by burning an old Halloween witch costume.  The mother, Kerry Wheeler, had been cleaning out a spare room in her home when she found some old Halloween costumes.  She laid them out for the kids to play with.  The kids had just finished watching the Wizard of Oz and decided to take an old cigarette lighter, chant “ I’ll get you my little pretty”, and burn the witch costume.  As the fire spread, Ms. Wheeler ran to get some water but by the time she returned it had developed into a “massive fire”.  She quickly got the children to safety before the green flying monkeys arrived.  The children were treated for smoke inhalation, the house was completely destroyed, but nobody was injured in the incident.

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