Google opens doors to data center and shows outside world how Google magic is created [PHOTO MONTAGE]

// October 18th, 2012 // Technology


Google recently opened the doors to their Lenoir, North Carolina data center, one of eight data centers Google currently has in operation (four more are under construction), providing a handful of journalists a glimpse of how the Google magic is created. Their multi-billion dollar infrastructure indexes 20 billion web page per day, 3 billion search queries, serves millions of ad auctions, and transmits gigabytes of YouTube videos across the wires. Reporters were allowed to witness servers seemingly stretching to eternity and cooling systems so loud that workers (and visitors) are required to wear earplugs before entering the server room (which houses 55,200 servers).

Google, typically very secretive when it comes to their infrastructure, showed reporters their energy saving innovations such as water cooled radiator systems that replace traditional air conditioner units and Google-designed racks which put backup batteries next to each server in order to eliminate much of the “leaked” electricity. Their ultra-secure facilities are truly works of art.

Photo montage below.

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