iPhone users be damned – you’ll take Apple Maps and you’ll like it

// September 20th, 2012 // Mobile


Apple Maps on iPhone 5Apple’s “form over function” mentality was blatantly evident with their switch from Google’s mapping service to Apple Maps in iOS 6 and Apple users are irate over the change. Apple Maps in beta was horrible but hey, it was a beta. Then iOS 6 rolled out with the final Apple Maps product installed and guess what? Maps are still terrible. Apple Maps are beautiful, but they function like crap and hence, users have already nicknamed the application “crap map app”.

Apple’s five-year contract with Google expired and since they are both involved in a thermonuclear war with each other, iPhone users be damned, Apple decided to make a point and dump Google’s mapping service. Apple purchased three mapping companies and decided to roll their own rather than use a competitor’s product in their crown jewel product. They turned their focus from the user experience to using its platform dominance to keep competitors at bay. As one blogger explained, Apple “used their platform dominance to privilege their own app over a competitor’s offering, even though it’s a worse experience for users.” Can you say “backfire”?

Ziff Davis relayed this tale:

“Apple’s Maps app just isn’t smart. A search performed just a few days ago for a restaurant I was standing no more than 100 feet away from yielded a result in Kansas. I was in New Jersey at the time. While I’m sure Kansas has terrific Chinese food, Google Maps would have known that serving a result 1,100 miles away probably isn’t as smart as serving a result 100 feet away.”

Apple maps funnyUsers are reporting that the Apple Maps application lacks many places of interest – shops, businesses, and entertainment venues and Rural A roads and smaller aren’t even numbered. Searches only work if the exact spelling of the business name is provided and user have noted that the satellite imagery lacks the fine resolution they saw in Google Maps.

One iOS 6 user told Reg Hardware:

“With iOS 5, I had generally very good resolution, color imagery of ancient sites, enough to see features not readily seen on the ground. Now the resolution is lower, so I can’t zoom in to examine a feature so closely as before, and many areas are presented in black and white.”

Apple says on their website, “Beautifully designed from the ground up (and the sky down), Maps changes the way you see the world,” and there are right. Some users are indeed seeing dramatic changes in the way that see the world. One user reported:

“My home town (pop. 25k) is labeled about a mile north of where it should be, and a sub-district of my home town is in the place of the center of my town!”

The solution to this mess?  Apple’s solution is to wait, claiming Maps will get better over time as users begin submitting corrections to erroneous locations via the “Report a Problem” button and submitting local business locations and such.


Our solution to the problem?  Open your web browser and navigate to maps.google.com. Heck, set it to be your home page.

Sources: Information Week, Ziff Davis, Reg Hardware, BGR
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