Is Google Glass using a bone induction earpiece for private audio?

// December 12th, 2012 // Futuristic Technology


Inside view of the Google Glass device

Although detailed specs have not been widely discussed, several are claiming that Google Glass has implemented bone induction technology for its wearable Google Glass computer. According to sources, the headset makes contact with the mastoid process (behind your ear), which is linked directly to the middle ear, meaning any audio output, such as new messages, Google+ alerts, or other notifications, will be heard by the Google Glass wearer but remain completely inaudible to those around the Glass owner.  The technology is interesting for wearable computers such as Glass because bone induction allows the ear canals to remain open and clear in order to hear sounds all around you while at the same time, allowing the wearing to hear Google Glass sounds even in areas with high-background noise.  The sound quality has been reported to be clear but not audiophile quality (which may be a disadvantage since Google Glass reportedly has no earphone/headphone jack).


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