New MasterCard credit card features built-in keyboard and LCD display for enhanced security control

// November 8th, 2012 // Hacking and Security



Unveiled in Singapore yesterday, MasterCard showed off their new “Display Card” credit card which features an embedded LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons that act as a keyboard allowing the customer to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) as an additional authentication security measure.  Other than that, the card looks and functions just like a regular credit card.  At present, financial institutions provide enhanced security for large businesses by requiring use of a “security token” hardware device that generates an OTP for the customer.  The OTP is required for online or other transactions that meet certain criteria (e.g. large balance transfers).  The new Display Card will replace the old security token hardware.

According to MasterCard:

“Display Cards can be used as “Authentication Cards” for secure, portable and cost-effective remote authentication of online banking and e-commerce transactions by using the card to generate One-Time-Passwords (OTPs). Or they can be used as “Information Display” Cards enabling cardholders to access critical information such as account balance anywhere, anytime – enhancing payment or banking experiences in a number of ways.”

Yes, in the future the Display Card could incorporate additional display features to indicate real-time information such as available credit balance, loyalty or reward points, recent transactions, and other interactive information.

Sources: MasterCard, Business Wire
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