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The Halloween October 25, 2013 release for Paranormal Activity 5 is still a go – no surprise there.  But we now learn that there will be *two* Paranormal Activity movies released in 2013 as Paramount Pictures spins off a new movie, titled The Oxnard Tapes, in Spring 2013 (you saw a short teaser after the trailers in Paranormal Activity 4).  The spin-off film, to be directed by “Disturbia” co-writer Christopher Landon, will focus on Latino characters and will be partly in Spanish, a tip of the hat to the Latino crowd that helped make the Paranormal franchise so successful.  The spin-off will feature the same demon from the Paranormal Activity franchise.

The Paranormal Activity films are a cash cow for Paramount Pictures.  Paranormal Activity 4 cost only $5 million to make and opened to $56 million worldwide.

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