New Skrillex video features alien baby, robot sharks, futuristic grenades, and other cool Skrillex-isque type stuff

// November 8th, 2012 // Entertainment


The Skrillex video, Breakin’ a Sweat, features robot sharks, guys on Jet Skis tossing futuristic grenades at the sharks, a lady birthing some sort of alien planet thingy (and then eating it), a psychedelic trip, an escape from the Matrix, a cop helicopter chase scene, a bouncing low-rider car jacking (which doesn’t seem to make the alien baby in the pregnant lady too happy), and other cool Skrillex-isque stuff.  Oh, and all to the tune of a nice Skrillex song with the legendary band, The Doors chanting along).  This is the second video released for Breakin’ a Sweat. Check it out below.


Skrillex–Breakin’ a Sweat video
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