Steve Jobs yacht impounded for non-payment of bill

// December 21st, 2012 // Entertainment

Steve Jobs "Venus" Yacht

Steve Jobs’ brand new yacht, that he never lived to see completed, has been impounded for non-payment of the bill.  The dispute revolves around differing valuations of the  yacht – the builder believes it is valued at $198 million while the Jobs family believes it is valued at only $139 million.  The designer believes he is owed 6% of the valuation or $3.96 million as commission for his work.

The 256-foot all-aluminum “Venus”, which was completed last October (2012) was designed by French product designer Philippe Starck.  After non-payment of his commission due, Starck hired a debt-collection agency and obtained a legal order to keep the boat from leaving the dock.  The Port of Amsterdam confirmed that the boat is chained up and won’t leave the port until the dispute is resolved.

Steve Jobs "Venus" Yacht

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