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Brad Pitt in World War Z movie

Director Marc Forster’s post-apocalyptic zombie thriller World War Z is scheduled to be released in June 2013.  In World War Z,  Brad Pitt plays a UN researcher trying to save his family (and the rest of humanity) from a worldwide zombie pandemic. Based on Max Brooks’ 2006 bestselling novel this epic big-screen zombie spectacle cost a reported $180 million to make. And these are no shambling Romero creatures; they’re not even the fast-moving but independently operating monsters of 28 Days Later. The zombies of World War Z are like a “wriggling, biting wave of destruction, climbing up walls and over each other to reach their prey.”  Scary stuff.

Watch the official Paramount trailer below:

World War Z official trailer


Photos and pictures below:

Geek wear at Ivy and Pearl Boutique

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