New Belkin devices lets you monitor electric usage of every electrical appliance in your home

// August 1st, 2013 // Hardware


Belkin Echo Electricity device will let users monitor electrical usage of all appliances in the home

Belkin is working on a new device called the Echo Electricity, that they say will make it possible to see how much electricity each device in your home is using. The device will connect to your utility meter and monitor the electromagnetic interference (noise) emitted over the power lines by all of the electrical appliances in your home that are plugged into wall outlets. The Echo Electricity will be able to detect when an appliance is turned on, turned off, or changed from one state to another in order to gauge how much electricity the appliance is using. The device will then transmit the data it has collected, via Wi-Fi, to a website where the data will be analyzed using machine-learning algorithms to determine which appliances are on and how much power they are consuming.

The device can currently account for 90% of a user’s electricity bill. While it is good at identifying how much energy a refrigerator is using (even detecting when the door has been opened) identifying more complex electronics, such as individual pieces of a home entertainment system or a single light bulb, is trickier.

The device is currently being tested in a small number of homes but Belkin plans to expand testing and install 10,000 of them in homes across the United States over the next 12 months. Once the device proves to be stable, we will likely see it (or a device similar to this one) built directly into electric utility meters in the future.

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