These dairy robots milk the cows and page the farmer in the dell when it breaks down

// January 25th, 2013 // Technology


Robotic milkerWidely used in Europe and beginning to catch on in the United States, these robotic milking machines require very little human labor allowing a dairy farmer to operate a 350-cow dairy with only two human employees.  The robotic milkers are revolutionizing the dairy industry. When the cow gets uncomfortable and decides it needs to be milked, they enter a milking booth where the robotic milker cleans the udder and user laser guides to couple to each teat. RFID chips in the cow’s ear are read by the machine which calculates and records the time between milkings. When the milking process is over, the couplers detach, the milk is analyzed, separated, and pumped into a tank, and the gate opens allowing the cow to move along on its merry way. The milker then flushes itself, steam cleans the cups, and rinses everything out. If the robot breaks down, it pages the farmer on their smartphone device with details of the problem.

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