Facebook’s latest blunder – bypasses Google Play store with latest software update causing confusion and problems for many users

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Facebook bypasses Google Play store with latest update

We are really scratching our heads over this one.  You gotta wonder what the goofballs at Facebook have been thinking lately.  Their latest blunder?  In their infinite wisdom, Facebook decided to bypass the Google Play store with their latest software update, issuing a software update prompt in the Android notification screen which has confused, frightened, and in many cases, caused problems for its users.

The latest Facebook software update will only apply if you are connected to WiFi which has caused confusion for many users.  If you were not on a WiFi connection when the update notification arrived, the application directed you to the standard Android network settings where many found that the “download updates via WiFi” setting was turned off  leading to a lot of head scratching as users wondered why the update would not apply via the 3G/4G connection.  As an added headache, users also wondered why they could not get rid of the notification message.  Some reported having to kill the Download Manager app to get rid of the notification.  And in many cases, puzzled users became alarmed thinking the notification prompt was a new malware attack.  Some even reported that the notification froze their phones.

The new version is said to allow profile picture changes within the app, make messaging easier and grant users the ability to flag spam and hide feed posts you don’t want to see. But in another amazingly stupid move, the update also alters the app’s permissions, allowing it to update without your approval.

Geekslop take – Come on guys, uninstall the Facebook app.  They’ve proven plenty of times that they are clueless and there are plenty of alternatives out there (ah hem, Google+, Twitter).  Besides, at what point do we deem a valid software product a “virus”?


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