AlienQueen cosplay as Emma Frost

// June 22nd, 2014 // Cosplay Girls

AlienQueen is a cosplayer based in the UK who has been cosplaying, modelling and dressmaking since 2010.  She makes nearly all of her costumes from scratch.  As AlienQueen tells us:

“I’m always being inspired by games, comics and films, a lot of the cosplays I choose are different and unusual, I like to stand out from the crowd – I love a challenging designs to make.”

Emma Frost appears in several Marvel Comics but gained recognition after her appearance in X-Men where she evolved from one of X-Men’s most dangerous enemies to one of its most central members.  Emma Frost placed #30 as Marvel’s highest ranking female on Empire’s Top 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters in 2008 and took 69th place on Wizard’s 200 Greatest Characters of All Time list in 2008.

Check out the cosplay of AlienQueen as Emma Frost and visit her Facebook page for more cosplay action.

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