After Brexit, Media talking heads still miss the point – here are the real Brexit headlines

// June 24th, 2016 // Politics and legal


Brexit - British Exit from the European Union

The morning after the Brexit referendum and the stunning news that the UK is exiting the European Union, the top two headlines in the Washington Post read:

The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it – Google search history suggests many Britons had little idea what they were voting for


Britain’s decision to leave the E.U. is a warning to America – The vote means important economic, political, and social problems across Europe will not be addressed

Once again, media talking heads and government officials have missed the point (or more likely, are trying to gloss over it).  Instead, here are the simple, one-line headlines that much more accurately summarize the entire affair:

Working classes claim their revenge – vote for to leave UK after they were economically disregarded

British say they are sick of political “experts” – pull rug from under their feet

Brits feel their “gimme, gimme, gimme” system is not working – so they break the system

Freedom of economic movement between UK and EU slightly hampered – business heads furious

Voters unhappy with Brexit result ask for another vote

If Parliament refuses to back the will of the people, will the UK have their own Revolution?

Cameron steps down after Brexit referendum – rest of world says “Who?”

Scotland angry, feeling like their voice was not heard, threaten to leave the UK in second “once in a lifetime” vote

Greece responds to Brexit: “Hell, we stayed and look where it got us”

Brexit produces short-term instability across the planet – may result in long-term instability if government and business heads miss the point


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