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Mind-blowing anamorphic illusion will make your brains leak out of your ears [VIDEO]

// November 29th, 2012 // No Comments » // Entertainment

Prepare to have your mind blown. YouTube illusion and science channel Brussup photographed a few random objects (a Rubik’s Cube, role of tape, and a tennis shoe), skewed them using graphics software, and then printed the result on a high-res printer. He then shot a video of the incredible 3D anamorphic illusions (an optical illusion […]

Beautiful but eerie photos of abandoned places

// November 13th, 2012 // No Comments » // Uncategorized

Once a Classy Hotel

Matthias Haker is a self-taught photographer living in Dresden, Germany. He specializes in the fields of architectural and interior photography as well as people, portrait, fashion and wedding photography. Here is a collection of his works – a set of eerie photographs of abandoned hotels, theaters, and other public venues.

Real or Photoshopped? “Human Barbie” is suspected of using plastic surgery to attain her “Barbie” look

// November 12th, 2012 // No Comments » // Entertainment

Valeria Lukyonova - Human Barbie

21-year-old Ukrainian model, musician, and astroplanner Valeria Lukyonova calls herself “the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-speaking internet” because she looks just like a Barbie Doll. Many suspect her photos are heavily photoshopped. Others think she obtained her over-exaggerated proportions via plastic surgery. Now Fashion Magazine claims to have obtained proof through an unnamed […]

Amazon rolls out new Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app for easy storage of photos on the cloud

// November 1st, 2012 // No Comments » // Mobile

Amazon has rolled out a new photo-management application, Cloud Drive Photos for Android, this morning. The application integrates tightly with the photo capabilities in Android. Users can press and hold a photo in the gallery and choose “Upload to Cloud Drive” to send photos to Amazon’s cloud storage service or choose to upload all photos […]

Andrew Moore photography shows eerie decay of Detroit city

// October 5th, 2012 // No Comments » // Entertainment

Abandoned Theater Bizarre Detroit

It looks like something out of The Walking Dead. Detroit, a U.S. city that is decaying before our eyes, looks like its habitants simply vanished into thin air leaving behind a magnificent city that now resembles a war zone. No longer the Motor City of boom-time industry, the city of Detroit has fallen into an […]

Record breaking deep space photo captures farthest-ever view into the universe – only .5 billion years short of the beginning of time

// September 26th, 2012 // No Comments » // Astronomy and Space News

The new eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) photograph gives us a glimpse back 13.2 billion years into the universe’s past. Given that the universe is thought to be around 13.7 billion years old, this gives us a glimpse of the universe at its very earliest stages of development. To create the picture, Hubble returned to the […]

Winners of the Royal Observatory Greenwich Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition

// September 26th, 2012 // No Comments » // Science

Each year, the Royal Observatory Greenwich‘s hosts its annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. Now in its fourth year and growing, they received over 800 photo submission. Winners were announced on Sept. 19 in four main categories — Deep Space, Our Solar System, Earth and Space, and Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year — […]

The outstanding photographical illusions of Erik Johansson

// September 13th, 2012 // No Comments » // Entertainment

Erik Johansson is a full-time photographer and retoucher.  Originally from Sweden, he has since moved to Berlin, Germany, where he works commercially to bring ideas in his mind to life.  His photography and retouch work is nothing short of astounding.  You can view his complete portfolio on his personal website.