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Hacker Pinkie Pie does it again subverting Google Chrome security giving him the win in Pwnium hacking contest

// October 11th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

As he did in last year’s contest, hacker “Pinkie Pie” once again subverted Google Chrome’s security in Pwnium, a Google-sponsored hacking contest. Last year Pinkie Pie created at least six different bug exploits to blow through the security perimeters created by some of the industry’s top security engineers. This year Pinkie created two more attacks, […]

Chinese manufacturer cracks Apple’s Lightning controller chips bypassing authentication mechanism

// October 10th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

iPhone5Mod, a Chinese manufacturer of “cool” iPhone accessories, claims to have successfully tested cracked Apple’s Lightening controller chips that bypass Apple’s authentication mechanism. This would allow third party manufacturers to produce cheaper iPhone replacement cables and possibly get them to market by this year’s holiday season.

RSA proposes ingenious security mechanism that would store passwords across multiple locations

// October 9th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

The folks at RSA have proposed a new method of securing user passwords obtained from database hacks – break the password into separate pieces and store them at separate locations. If the database were compromised and the password stolen, all the hacker would have would be half of the password hash which would make it […]

Embarrassment for IT Security Magazine who publishes funny, fake security article without vetting contents first

// October 8th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

Hakin9 prides itself on its top-notch IT security reporting. IT security specialists on the other hand, claim that Hakin9 is run by newbies who regularly spam them with requests for article submissions. Rather than ignore the requests, annoyed security specialists decided to concede to Hakin9’s request and provided them with a security article, albeit a […]

Samsung Galaxy S II and S Advance zero-day exploit allow complete phone wipe when tel: link clicked [UPDATE]

// September 25th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

Security researchers presented a Samsung Galaxy exploit in which they demonstrated an instant hard reset of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S Advance when a simple web page link is clicked. The bug relates to Samsung specific diagnostic reset codes which are accessible via the phone dialer.

World of Warcraft screenshots contain embedded player information

// September 11th, 2012 // No Comments » // Gaming

Techspot is reporting that Blizzard secretly embeds World of Warcraft player information into screenshot graphics in an effort to track down illegal private servers.  A Slashdot member notice strange artifacts in WOW screen shots that he was taking.  According to Techunknowns, after a few days, a group from OwnedCore was able to decrypt the information […]

Antisec hacks 12 million Apple UDIDs from FBI Cyber Security agent’s laptop

// September 4th, 2012 // No Comments » // Hacking and Security

Antisec (hacking group) is at it again and this time they’ve surprised us with an example of how lax the United States’ security policies have become.  Antisec managed to hack an FBI agent’s Dell laptop computer.  Utilizing a shell session, the hacker(s) noticed a file sitting on the FBI agent’s desktop that look interesting.  They […]