Chinese company set to build world’s tallest building – in only 90 days [UPDATE]

// November 20th, 2012 // General Science News


Conceptual drawing of Sky City building - world's tallest

Designed by the same engineers that created the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa that currently stands 2,722 feet over Dubai, Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) will be building a 220-story building (with 104 elevators to help residents get up and down) in the Chinese city of Changsha in March 2013. The 220-story Sky City building will be the world’s tallest and will be built in only 90 days. They will do this using their 95% prefabricated technology (think giant Lego set) at a pace of five stories per day.  BSB demonstrated the technology in January 2012 when it slammed together a 30 story building in just 15 days (without sacrificing quality – it’s built to withstand a 9.0 earthquake).

Construction Week provided details on the project:

“Sky City has been designed to house 31,400 people in its luxury and low-income communities. Residential area will occupy 83% of the tower, all serviced by schools, hospitals, offices, shops and restaurants within the building. The structure will be constructed using approximately 200,000 tons of steel, and will be built to withstand earthquakes of a magnitude of up to 9.0 on the Richter scale, and to resist fire for up to three hours. Environmentally radical, Sky City will also be equipped with 15cm thermal insulators, four-paned windows, fresh air heat-recovery systems, and a host of other equally eco-friendly features. Perhaps the boldest claim is that the cost of the construction of Sky City will come at less than $1,500 per m2 – a tenth of the cost of the Burj Khalifa with its $15,000 per m2 price tag.”

UPDATE 5/25/13: Construction is set to begin next month and expected to be completed by the end of the year.A total of 19,000 workers will prefabricate the parts in four months before commencing a three-month assembly process on site. he manufacturing process means that the building will also be easy to replicate in other areas; BSC told Treehugger that the project is intended to address the growing population of the world. Sky City will feature apartments, schools, recreational facilities, and more, reducing the per capita use of land and the need to move around. BSC claims a fivefold increase in energy efficiency over buildings built with conventional techniques.

In the promotional video below, BSC demonstrates how the building is “snapped together” from  the pre-built components.

Sources: Construction Week



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